Gurkha Cup Job Fair

Gurkha Cup is a one-day football tournament organised by Tamu Dhee which is held in Aldershot, Hampshire. It’s a very popular event within the Nepalese community where we can see football games as well as different cultures, clothing, dance and also the chance to try different types of delicious Nepalese food. Furthermore, the tournament gives an excellent opportunity for businesses to thrive as businesses are able to put their stalls to promote their business. As we were new recruitment company in Aldershot, we booked a stall to represent our new company and get more recognition within the community.

It was our very first time to go public, which is always a big leap, however, it was a very successful and memorable day for all of us. We were really energetic and gave all our efforts to make our first event a success. We prepared some leaflets, banners, goodies (pens, mugs, t-shirts) so it gave us an opportunity to get brand recognition and brand awareness out to our community. Our main aim for the day was to get more candidates to fill up our forms and for us to introduce our company to local communities.

It was a perfect day for us all, even though we were tired and busy all day, we loved what we did. All our friends were there to support and encourage us. We had an opportunity to get some Nepalese food and pictures together to create great memories. We said goodbye to all our friends hoping to see them all next year. We hope next year is going to be more exciting and as successful as this year.

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