Restaurant & Pub Cleaning Service

For a professional pub and restaurant cleaning, get in touch with us. We can carry out a regularly scheduled contract cleaning on a daily, weekly or monthly basis built around the individual needs of your pub and restaurant.

Our extensive experience in cleaning workspaces of all kinds to the highest standards of hygiene makes Nepbridge Cleaning services , the ideal cleaning choice for any restaurant/pub

Our cleaning services include :

  • Review the entrance and clean it off any litter
  • Brush and air the doormats
  • Dust and clean any banners and hoardings
  • Dust and clean lights and fixtures
  • Dust and clean the wall décor and picture frames
  • Straighten tables and chairs
  • Check the ice machines and soda fountains
  • Replace clean glassware in their respective shelves
  • Check and stack accessories like bottle openers, corkscrews etc. where handy
  • Clean and refill the coffee and tea machines
  • Clean and stack dip bowls and snack plates
  • Clean and stack cutleries
  • Clear and clean the bar areas
  • Dust all visible surfaces
  • Dust and wipe all glass surfaces
  • Clean the furniture from dust and debris
  • Mop clean and dry floor, spot clean any spills and dry thoroughly
  • Clean the toilets
  • Clean the toilet light, fixtures, and fittings
  • Clean sink and faucet
  • Refill all dispensers
  • Disinfect toilet bowls
  • Clean washroom door and doorknob
  • Mop clean floor and dry thoroughly
  • Carry out any other reasonable function to the job

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