Bull Call Spread Options Trading Strategy

bull call spread strategy

The further out-of-the-money the spread is purchased, the more bullish the bias. However, one significant drawback from using a bull call spread is that potential gains are limited. For example, in the example above, the maximum gain Jorge can realize is only $27 due to the short call option position. Even if the stock price were to skyrocket to $500, Jorge would only be able to realize a gain of $27. One way you can help offset the impact of time decay on a long option is by simultaneously selling another option against your initial position to form what is known as an options spread.

  • Options carry a high level of risk and are not suitable for all investors.
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  • However, if the stock price is “close to” or above the strike price of the short call , then the price of the bull call spread increases with passing time .
  • However, this will also mean that the stock price must move upwards by a greater degree for the trader to realise the maximum profit.
  • Time decay is working against the investor if the call spread is out of the money because they need more time for this trade to become profitable.

Here are a bunch of graphs that will help you identify the best possible strikes based on time to expiry. For example, if you are of the view that Nifty will rise moderately in near future then you can Buy NIFTY Call Option at ITM and Sell NIFTY 50 Call Option at OTM. You will earn massively when both of your Options are exercised and incur huge losses when both Options are not exercised. A Bull Call Spread strategy involves Buy ITM Call Option + Sell OTM Call Option.

Bull Call Spread Vs Bull Put Spread

When you are expecting a moderate rise in the price of the underlying. Thus even bull call spread strategy though the trader’s view was correct, still the trader had to book a loss.

  • If you’ve never traded an option spread before, the first part of this series will tell you all you need to do so with complete confidence and understanding of the risks and rewards.
  • Read up on historic examples or better yet, contact one of our experienced RJO Futures Brokers.
  • The strategy has a limited potential profit and loss as it has a ceiling for the profits and a floor for losses.
  • Maximum loss for this spread will generally occur as the underlying stock price declines below the lower strike price.
  • Here are another bunch of charts; the only difference is that for the same move (i.e 3.75%) these charts suggest the best possible strikes to select assuming you are in the 2nd half of the series.
  • However, if the asset goes higher than your short call strike point, you have the option to buy the asset at the lower strike point , which is below current market value.

If you wish to receive the dividend, you must own the stock by theclose of market on the day before theDividend https://www.bigshotrading.info/ Ex-Date. Many times, a covered call is exercised early so the buyer canown the stock and collect the dividend.

Iron Condor Options Strategy for Beginners

The disadvantage is that the premium received is smaller, the higher the short call’s strike price. A bull spread is a bullish options strategy using either two puts, or two calls with the same underlying asset and expiration. Essentially, a bull call spread’s delta, which compares the change in the underlying asset’s price to the change in the option’s premium, is net positive. Should the underlying asset fall to less than the strike price, the holder will not buy the stock but will lose the value of the premium at expiration. If the share price moves above the strike price the holder may decide to purchase shares at that price but are under no obligation to do so. Again, in this scenario, the holder would be out the price of the premium. The bullish investor would pay an upfront fee—the premium—for the call option.

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